Differences between high school and college



A lot of people have a perception that college is just another four years of school, similar to high school, but they are wrong. There are many differences between college life and high school life. So what are the differences between college and high school?

Unlike freshman year of high school, freshman year of college is fun and not as scary. First year college students are able to move past the anxious stage of being a new student by meeting new friends at orientation. This creates a comfortable environment for new students that are in unfamiliar surroundings.

Hate your 7AM classes in high school? In college, students are able to pick their schedules according to their preference. “In college you are able to pick from a wider variety of classes, they usually don’t happen everyday,” said alumni of EPHS and senior at University of Iowa Hayley Brandser. In college, there are options for large lectures and smaller discussion classes with teacher assistants who can answer questions. This is different compared to high school where class sizes are usually around 30 kids with one teacher per class everyday.

“In college your education is up to you. Professors aren’t going to hunt you down if you don’t turn in an assignment, or nurture you like a high school teacher would,” said alumni of EPHS and sophomore at Iowa State Hannah Brandser.

College work is typically less “busy work” and more textbook reading. “Homework assignments are a big part of your grade because there are not as many. Most grades are based off quizzes, exams and reading,” said Hannah Brandser.

In college you will learn good study methods for yourself and how to manage your time. The life of a high school student will change in the transition into college life. This transition into college may be hard, but it will be more fun.