More of your faults



We as humans have this common belief that we must be everything and more in order to be accepted. For this reason, we hide our faults and shove our virtues down everyone’s throats. But what I don’t understand is, why? Why don’t we view our faults as something beautiful rather than something that’s meant to be hidden? Why are we hiding our true selves from everyone around us in fear of rejection? What makes us see these attributes as negative additions when really they are the the quirks that make us whole?

In order to love ourselves, I believe we have to come out and say the things that we hate. For example, I hate that I am such a realist. I hate that I’ve lost the ability to dream since everything to me is so black and white. I hate that I can’t see the world in color like everyone else can. I have to lay out the logistics and tell myself what can work and what cannot.

While I see this as a fault, this quirk makes me who I am today. It’s allowed me to be honest with myself and my motives. I quickly realize what I’m capable of and what I am not. While this can often be a setback for me, it also allows me to avoid the disappointment of real life.

This may be just a step in the right direction, but I encourage others to do the same. Admit what you label as your faults, and make them into a virtue. Thinking positively about yourself and your life go hand-in-hand. Who knows? By starting this trend today, your life could completely change. In the end, it’s completely up to you.