Awesome Adventures

Members of the EPHS community share their plans for the summer

Awesome Adventures

Summer is a busy time of year, and students and staff are going places. We asked around to see what is on everyone’s summer bucket lists. Here are some responses:


“To catch a fish and to get an ice cream cone from an ice cream truck” -Erin Stasek (10)

“To learn how to drive” -Nishant Sathe (9)

“To learn how to wakeboard” -Marcus Russel (12)

“To go out to our place in Montana and hopefully catch some big fish” -Kelly Strom (Kitchen staff in East commons)

“Visit a new country” -Alex LaVone (11)

“To run 350 miles” -Caitlin O’Toole (9)

“To hang out with friends in Excelsior and Lake Calhoun” -Ethan Jones (9)

“To go ziplining” -Sara Maye (10)

“Sleepover at Anna Moen’s house” Lydia Shields (11)

“Go see Claire, go see Shataviona, and go see Mrs. Foote” -Jack Fredericks (11)