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Dancing Through The Ages Quiz Answers

December 18, 2019

Top Left: Soulja boy Middle Left: Juju on that beat Middle Right: Renegade Bottom Left: Whip Botton Middle: Whoa Bottom Right: Nae nae

Crossword Puzzle Answers: 2010 Trends

December 18, 2019

1 Down. Leggings 2 Across. Apple 3 Down. Uber 4 Across. Uggs 5 Across. Retro 6 Down. Thrifting 7 Down. YouTubers 8 Across. VSCO Girls 9 Across. Tik Tok 10 Across. Vine...

Stranger Things Quiz Results

December 1, 2017

If you picked mostly A's, you're most like.... Mike!   If you picked mostly B's, you're most like.... Caleb!   If you picked mostly C's, you're most like.... Eleven!   If you picked mostly D's, you're most like.... Dustin!   If you picked mostly E's, you're...

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