December horoscope


Bella Beck

Baylee Brabender is smiling in space.

Aries: There are problems you will deal with during the beginning of this month. By the end of this month, you will have overcome many of these. This month will challenge you and make you stronger. Watch out for a beneficial job or educational offer this month.

Taurus: There may be a financial issue that will occur this month. But by the end of the month, you can resolve this issue if you take control and pay attention to details. This month is about being courageous: This month is about standing up for people and taking control of situations.

Gemini: This month is about building confidence for yourself. You will achieve many goals towards the end of this month. December will also be a great month for growing closer with your family.

Cancer: You have been working very hard lately and this month will pay off. This is the month to start taking care of yourself mentally. You will also receive a blessing at the end of this month.

Leo: This is a significant month for your career. You may face a few challenges this month, but by the end of the month you should overcome these challenges. There will also be an opportunity to reconnect with a family member.

Virgo: You may be overwhelmed with work and assignments this month, but you will feel very accomplished by the end. Watch out for new relationships and friendships too. This month is about being spontaneous and working hard.

Libra: This might be a dreary and boring month for you, but this month there is a chance for a new and exciting relationship. Watch out for new people and new opportunities.

Scorpio: A talent or skill you have will come in handy for you this month. You will have to work really hard in whatever that is, but it will pay off towards the middle of the month. Also, watch out for a random encounter with an old friend this month.

Sagittarius: You may be questioning many things this month. Try to look at things from a different perspective. You sometimes focus on your failures rather than accomplishments. This month you will focus more on the accomplishments.

Capricorn: You have been working hard the last few weeks on trying to hide your feelings for someone. This month is an opportunity to finally tell those feelings. Also, watch out for a career opportunity towards the end of the month!

Aquarius: This month is not going to be strong financially. You will also encounter some conflicts with family members. But towards the end of the month you should expect a pleasant surprise with relationships.

Pisces: You will be making an important decision this month. You will also be considering your feelings towards someone, wondering if they are fading away. Also, expect an exciting financial surprise at the end of the month.