A Star in the Making

Senior Melaina Rairamo has been singing and dancing ever since the small age of 2 years old. In sixth grade, she began acting and performance and found it to be a true passion of hers. The latest role Rairamo has been prepping for is in the Minneapolis Guthrie Theater “A Christmas Carol” as one of the chorus members, also known as a Londoner. Rairamo said that performing at the Guthrie Theatre has been her favorite job by far. “You seriously get treated like royalty there, and I love it,” Rairamo said.

She has also made a lot of friends while working at the Guthrie Theater. “Being able to be on stage with all the amazing people I work with sends me to my happy place,” Rairamo said. “It feels so natural and makes me so comfortable, I absolutely love my job.” she said. Rairamo loves prepping and getting her makeup done, she’s a natural performer.

Rairamo has ten shows a week, which has caused her to miss a total of two weeks of school. “That’s the one downside to acting, really crappy hours,” she said. Rairamo’s at the Guthrie theater from 12-10 p.m. every Saturday and almost every day of the week. “Being in school and acting is not hard to balance. I just have to manage my time well. My parents and Mr. McCartan are all super supportive, which helps a lot,” she said.

A theater job isn’t new to Rairamo; she has had jobs at places like the Children’s theatre, Stages, and Chaska Valley theaters prior to the Guthrie. She hopes that she will one day make it to the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre. “It’s always been something that I’ve wanted badly,” she said.  After the Guthrie, Rairamo will be working on the educational T.V. show “Inside the Doors”as the show’s co-host.

After high school, Rairamo would like to attend college in Oklahoma, North Carolina or Alabama. She wants to double major in marketing and theater. “I love acting but I want to be realistic and have a backup plan.” Rairamo has thought of furthering her career in business as well.

In five years Rairamo would like to be performing in Disney World, on cruise ships, or acting in New York City. “It’s just always been my dream,” she said. In ten years Rairamo said she has no clue where she’ll be. “I guess we’ll just have see where life takes me, wherever I am I just want to be happy with it,” Rairamo said.

Go see Rairamo in “A Christmas Carol” at the Guthrie Theater. It is being shown through Dec. 27..  You can purchase tickets online or at the theater.  Prices will vary depending on seating.