Nick’s Monthly Target Run – A Summary


Nick Walfrid

I go to Target almost daily, to grab a snack coming from school or work, or with my friends when they need something. Additionally, about once a month, I have to stock up on skincare products and replace whatever accessories I have broken or lost in the last month (such as sunglasses and keychains). This article is intended to detail what I buy at Target on those missions.

I live closer to the Super Target in Minnetonka than the regular one in Eden Prairie, so I typically go there to shop. Additionally, this Target is much larger and nicer than the one in Eden Prairie, and I run less of a risk encountering someone I know at 11 P.M. while wearing sweatpants and an oversized, stained hoodie.

On this run, I bought face masks from Freeman, in addition to skincare products by Shea Moisture. I highly recommend Freeman’s masks, as they are inexpensive ($1.99), feel amazing on the face, and are easy to peel off and discard. Shea Moisture’s products don’t have as quick of results as Freeman’s but they will eventually make a dent in your acne and keep your pores feeling fresh. The products I bought from Shea Moisture were the Bamboo & Charcoal Hydrating Gelee Moisturizer, the Detoxifying Foaming Facial Wash, and the African Black Soap Clarifying Facial Wipes. The wipes, in particular, are useful, as I like to use one every day between third and fourth period, in order to clear my face of oil so I don’t look like a balloon during Algebra.

In addition to the skincare products, I bought a new compact notebook, for aesthetically keeping track of my homework, and new large erasers, because the ones on my pencils give up after approximately three uses. I also bought a new keychain with a fluffy white plumbob attached, because the previous fluffy keychain I owned ended up in pieces on the grungy floor of the MOA parking garage, after an encounter with my car door.

Finally, I bought brownie mix. I don’t care if it undermines my entire skincare routine, I simply cannot function without chocolate in my day. Be like me, and treat yourself. No one is watching you when you’re at Target.