Frozen 2: Can we just “Let it Go?”

Frozen 2: Can we just “Let it Go?”

Maneeya Leung, Staff Writer

I did not care about the plot of Frozen 2 nor did I understand it. Maybe my two experiences are related, but as a semi-intelligent viewer aged older than ten, I generally go into Disney movies expecting to know what’s going on. It was going to take much more than just magic to make a cohesive plot, and that’s where Frozen 2 ultimately failed for me.

I wasn’t widely affected by the first movie. I knew all the words to Let it Go but had no desire to dress up like Elsa or watch the movie without any social obligations. However, I did enjoy it whenever I’d watch it. Although Frozen was entirely deserving of a sequel, the original had absolutely no lead up to a second movie. Ana and Elsa were happy. Ana and Kristoff and Sven were happy. Olaf was never going melt again because Elsa made him immortal, that’s pretty darn happy.

But wait! Elsa’s hearing a mysterious voice. And in completely unprecedented fashion, things fall apart, friendships fall apart, and now no one is happy? There was little propelling the plot: no villain, no impending disaster.

The songs felt oddly placed, only adding to the uneven pacing and slow start. The characters were dull. Olaf was the only comic relief, and the script squeezed every quip out they could. I forgot how annoyingly polite Ana and Elsa were, and that really comes out in their interactions.

The movie was visually gorgeous. As always, Disney’s animations beat what little competition is left. The problem is, the high visual quality is already predetermined about a Disney movie. It lacks substance that makes the difference between an “ok” movie and an “interesting” one.

Go ahead and see it if you’re really that bored, but there’s gotta be better movies out in theaters that you won’t fall asleep watching. I, personally, would rather watch the first Frozen for the fifth time in a row. Or even better, go build a snowman.