The Pitches are Back

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I sat in the dark room with a bag on popcorn resting on my lap and a drink placed on the chair arm of my seat. I was excited to see what the next installment of Pitch Perfect was about to bring, but I was also anxious to see if it would live up to the first movie or would I have wasted my Friday night watching a disappointment.

I’m not really the type to watch these types of movies, but I fell in love with the first one after being forced to watch it with my sister. With that in mind as I was sitting inside that movie theater, I was hoping that the second movie would produce the same charm and humor that was prominent in the first film. Let me tell you one thing: I was not disappointed as I walked outside of the theater after the film ended. In fact, my cheeks were aching and I felt a dull, throbbing pain in my stomach as the result of laughing so hard.

The story follows Beca and the Barden Bellas during their senior year of college as they enter the Worlds Competition. Along the way they make enemies with a German a cappella group knows as the Das Sound Machine. It also goes on to explain the Barden Bellas plans for after graduated and how they spend their final. This was the type of movie were the sequel was even better than the previous film. The movie was not even three minutes into the story when the theater erupted into fits of laughter. The second film brought more humor, bigger musical numbers, and bigger laughter.

One big let down was the lack of character development for most of the characters. At the beginning of the film, we see that Barden Bellas have expanded and more girls have joined the team. Sadly, we never learn anything about them besides their name and a few random facts about them.

Another small disappointment was the lack of Beca in the movie. She was there for the most part, but she seemed rather distant. The movie was more focused on the Barden Bellas as a whole instead of just Beca and her life. It also had the same general plot as the last movie, but the heavily layered humor makes up for it.

Now if you’re a person who dislikes singing in movies then this film is definitely not for you. If you enjoy a comedy flick with awesome female protagonists you should go to the nearest movie theater ASAP and watch this film. It is a must-see and definitely worth your twelve dollars.