Which Stranger Things character are you?


Pick an 80s Movie:

a. Star Wars

b. Ghostbusters

c. ET

d. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

e. The Goonies


What’s your favorite pass time?

a. Hanging out with friends

b. Riding a bike

c. Eating waffles

d. Playing Dungeons and Dragons

e. Drawing


What’s your biggest fear?

a. My friends getting hurt

b. Spiders

c. Being trapped in the upside down

d. A demogorgon

e. Public speaking


What is your favorite form of communication?

a. Phone call

b. Text

c. Telepathy

d. Walkie talkie

e. Christmas lights


Pick a word to describe yourself

a. Smart

b. Cool

c. Honest

d. Sensible

e. Helpful


What’s the first thing you’d do in the Upside Down?

a. Explore

b. Find a weapon

c. Destroy it

d. Freak it

e. Make myself a home


You can take on food item to the Upside Down….

a. Cheeseburger

b. Coca Cola

c. Eggo waffles

d. School’s chocolate pudding

e. Fries


Pick a superpower

a. Healing

b. Super strength

c. Telepathy

d. Invisibility

e. Teleportation


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