All the things wrong with our society


Baylee Brabender

There are so many things wrong with our society. I hate when people talk about things they hate all of the time. The reasons for why people do things, post things, and just live their  lives are ridiculous. I am so sick of it. I am so sick of social media. So sick of people trying to obtain the perfect body. So sick of this environment giving mental health problems and no one caring enough to see that it’s WRONG. So sick of people hating themselves. And so sick of this damn world for making us this way.

I want to change this place. I want to change so many things but the pain and pressure of everything has overwhelmed me to a point of stillness. It’s like I have all these ideas and creativity yet I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to live. I don’t know how to help. I don’t know how to change things. And I’m so annoyed. Why. Why do we have to do the same thing every day, Why? What is it actually doing for us? I think my brain is crippled from this toxic routine of information that is supposed to help you but feels like a chore every day.  Why do people not even care. Everyone’s is like robots. They want good grades, a perfect body, a beautiful Instagram page, and a life that looks like it’s well lived. When most of the time it is not in fact a like well lived. Technology has ruined so many parts of me and I am determined to find them again. I’m so determined because I’m so pissed. This society. These advancements. These heartless people. This environment that has turned everyone into people they don’t want to be. 

 I can’t deal with the pressures out on us, none of us can. But will anyone say that? No. Because it will “pay off.” Yeah will it pay off when your mental health is so corrupt by the age of twenty? Will it? This is so ridiculous. These grades. These GPA’s. These requirements. These awards. These insane expectations put on people so young that have corrupted parts of ourselves that we haven’t discovered yet. These things. What has this world turned into?