Answers for the Shoe Quiz

By Emma Swanson

If you answered A the most then you are a Nike tennis shoe. You can be competitive but really just enjoy being active. Fall weather is your favorite because it’s the best for exercising outside. You can be very energetic, so calm down a little it’s all good.


If you answered B the most then you are a Hunter boot. You enjoy colder and rainy weather because that means you can stay inside where it is nice and cozy. But remember you need the vitamin D, so go out in the sun every now and then.


If you answered C the most then you are Birkenstocks. You like to try new things and enjoy being outside when the weather is nice. You are the person in your friend group that always wants to go out and do something exciting. But don’t forget that staying inside and hanging out with friends can be just as fun.


If you answered D the most then you are Crocs. Some might see you as lazy, but you just enjoy the simpler things in life. Warm weather is your favorite type of weather because a lot of things are just easier when the weather is nice.


If you answered E the most then you are Converse. You don’t have a favorite season because it’s just so hard to choose. You don’t always want to try new things but that’s ok, but don’t be afraid to branch out.