Blocking Tumblr


POINT by Abbey Mertz and Kristina Briant

The recent blocking of Tumblr is ridiculous. It restricts student creativity and self-expression. The blocking of Facebook is definitely more understandable. On the other hand, Tumblr is a harmless site that is not generally used inappropriately. It encourages users to have their own unique blog and freely express themselves. Tumblr is definitely nothing like twitter or Facebook because the only thing you are able to do is re-blog pictures and message other users. Clearly, it’s a harmless site and there are limited cases of cyber bullying. It’s also a great way to stay up to date with the latest trends. In addition, it doesn’t distract students learning unlike other social media sites. Tumblr should definitely not be blocked because it doesn’t send a bad message and inspires students to be themselves.

COUNTERPOINT by Claire Hassler

The recent blocking of Tumblr on the school laptops has led to outrage and uproar among the student body. I for one, think these protests are ridiculous and unnecessary. In this day and age, teenagers spend hours on their phones and laptops every day. Is it really so unreasonable that students take a break from technology for a few hours when they are at school? Students should spend the school day communicating with their peers, rather than sitting on their laptops. Students claim that Tumblr encourages artistic expression, freedom, and creativity. Please: write a poem, draw a picture, become a fashionista. There are so many ways to express yourself that do not involve social media. Tumblr is only blocked on the school’s WiFi, this leaves students with plenty of time outside of school to reblog as much as they want. I think it is important to remember that having laptops is a privilege, and being overdramatic about trivial issues enforces negative stereotypes about our school.