Hillary Clinton’s Debate Style

By Anna Larionova

Although Hillary Clinton is far from my favorite politician; she is a rockstar debater. Her opponent was also surprisingly powerful in debates. Donald Trump beat 16 other candidates for the republican nomination, and he did so with flying colors. His strategy, simple as it was, proved to be a crushing weight on anyone who challenged him.

Hillary Clinton’s debate strategy was simple, too. All she did was set the framework for him and watch him lose control.

In the first presidential debate, she put Alicia Machado into play. Prior the second debate, the videotape of Donald Trump saying vulgar things about women and sexual assault leaked. The third debate was all about watching him drown in whatever bad excuses he happened to come up with. In fact, by the third debate, Hillary Clinton didn’t need to say anything to annoy Donald Trump. She pivoted her answers to put blame on him, and he fell for the bait. He just couldn’t help himself, and Hillary Clinton played to that.

Regardless of whatever policy ideas both candidates have, Hillary Clinton does her research for debates. She may be the only person that can get under his skin, and it’s stunning to watch.