Answers for the Teacher Quiz

By Emma Swanson

Go back and see which letter you answered with most.

If you answered A the most, you are most like Windlan Hall! Hall is a math teacher who teaches both Algebra 2 and Pre-calc. His favorite artists are John Legend and Future. Steak, seafood and fried chicken are Hall’s favorite foods, and his hobbies are boxing, cars and travelling.

If you answered B most often, you are the most similar to John Becker! Becker is a gym teacher who teaches lifeguard training, camping canoeing and climbing and many other Phy Ed classes. He is a vegan, and some of his favorite foods are quinoa and salads. Becker enjoys fitness, so his hobbies include biking, canoeing, and golfing.

If most of your answers were C you are the most like Mary Strampe! Strampe is an English teacher who teaches both Honors English 9 and AP Lang and Comp. Her favorite foods are sweets and she says that she is addicted to Diet Coke. She loves singing along to Broadway musicals like Fiddler and watching shows on PBS.

If you answered D the most, you are Craig Hollenbeck! Hollenbeck is a social studies teacher who teaches Civics 9, Middle East, and AP Comparative Politics. He enjoys reading, travelling, and going on walks through Minneapolis. He listens to rock bands like the Iron Maiden and his favorite foods are pizza, tacos, and arepas.

If you answered E most of the time you are Katie Foley! Foley is a science teacher who teaches Honors Biology and AP Biology. In her free time she likes to go on walks, go golfing, or visiting nature centers with her family. Some of her favorite foods are apples, chocolate and coffee.