Crappy cars with photos


By Kate Stager

Recently, I asked around at EPHS and found some fellow eagles with some crappy, or crappy looking cars. I asked them a variety of questions including when they got their car, what their favorite memory associated with their car is and whether or not they think their car is crappy.

Cynthia Allen: 1994 Honda accord

“My favorite memory is when I got the car. It was my neighbor’s car, and my mom backed into it. She left them a note telling them she hit it and they sold it to us for like $1000. My car is pretty crappy, you can hear it from like a mile away, but yes i like it anyway because it gets me from place to place and it really teaches me to be humble about what i have.”

Jonathan Lesko: 2002 Expedition

“My favorite memory with my car has got to be either sleeping in it or off-roading in the snow. One time at 2 in the morning my friend and I came across someone stuck in the ditch in the snow. My car pulled the other car out. I think my car is crappy, but it has treated me so well, I love it.”


Kate Stager 1987 Oldsmobile

“My car is 30 years old but she is still going. I got this car this past summer from my grandma. My car is crappy, but it gets me from point A to point B. This past month my brakes failed me and I almost rear ended someone. The brakes cost more to fix than I paid my grandma for the car.”


Mikayla Smith – 1994 Saturn station Wagon

“I got my car this past summer. I don’t think that my car is crappy, I think that it is uglier than it is crappy. I call my car blue. I think the fact that it has air conditioning and that I could cram possibly 8 people into it during band is great. My car hasn’t broken down yet, but the check engine light has been on for months.”