How to Survive High School: The Do’s and Dont’s


High school is a place where you’ll most likely experience some of the best and worst moments of your life. Your experience will be filled with moments that you’ll be proud of and some that you won’t be so proud of, but hey, don’t fret; it’s only high school. It may seem impossible at times, so here is a laydown of the do’s and don’ts to help guide you through it:


Don’t overextend yourself: We’re lucky to go to a school that provides us with amazing enrichment opportunities, but don’t feel the need to get involved with everything. Find what you love and choose to excel in it!

Do stay true to yourself and your beliefs: Being yourself is hard enough as it is, why not be the true, original version of you. So what if you’re not popular, it won’t matter in about three years, so why stress about it now.

Don’t procrastinate: Coming from the biggest procrastinator you’ll meet, putting off everything until last minute is not a smart decision. EPHS is known for its rigorous curriculum, so it’s quite easy to fall behind. Stay on top of your work.

Do step outside your comfort zone: Whether it’s meeting new people, joining new clubs and activities, or even sitting with new people at lunch, go for it. You might find out where you belong.

Don’t miss out on school events: Some school events may seem pretty lame right now, but don’t miss out ones like football games and school dances.

Do work hard: Like they say, hard work pays off. Always remember that you get what you put into it.

Don’t be cliquey: There are some very cool students and teachers at our school. Don’t miss out on your chance of getting to know them because you were too caught up in your “friend group.”

Do give everything your best: Whether it’s the ACT, AP classes or just classes in general, work hard at what you do. Give everything your best effort.

Don’t obsess over some guy/ girl: It may seem like he or she is the love of your life at the moment, but in reality they’re not. If you find that person dictating your happiness,  get out of the relationship. It’s not healthy for you or the other person.

Do enjoy your experience: You’re only in high school once, I highly suggest making the most of it. Do what makes you happy; don’t let others dictate the way you feel or the choices you make.