New Entrepreneurship businesses

New Entrepreneurship businesses

By Kate Stager

        In the commons, you might get asked by several people if you’d like to buy their smoothie, drink or ice cream. These people are really students selling these delicious products through their entrepreneurship class. The class is run by Mr. Sayles.

Mr. Sayles walks around to each commons and monitors each group’s progress. He makes sure people are wearing their coordinated outfits and hats and that people are using gloves when handling food. No one is allowed to handle money and food at the same time. He also makes sure the servers are using good customer service.

If you do something wrong, he can fine you. Since the group gets to keep all the money that they earn from selling, they have to take the money out of their savings and give it to him. The fines usually range from $5-$25, depending on the severity of the action. He also walks around the commons and asks students who have bought the products what they think about what they are buying.

Senior Elena Page who sells cold cones, says that “First day of selling went way better than expected! We sold about 50 snow cones on our first day, our goal was 25!”

What is most convenient about these groups is if you usually don’t carry cash on you, you can use your credit or debit card and use their card readers. I have had the chance to try every product each group is selling, and I would have to say, The Edge would be my favorite.


Here are the groups:


Members: Matt Nash, Mehul Thakkar, Carrie Liu, Caleb Martin

Price: $3.

You can find them at the Cookie Store Tuesday and Thursday and in the East Commons on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The Edge:

Members: Jack Zigan, Jake Olson, Connor Young, Nick Wiencek, Saurav Suryawanshi

Price: $3

You can find them in the East Commons Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and in the South Commons Tuesday and Friday, “But we always have one of us walking back and forth between the commons during lunch.” Saurav told us.


Cold Cones:

Members: Elena Page, Clayton Witherspoon, Michael Grundhauser, Noah Anderson, Abdul Ibrahim

Price: $1

You can find them in the East Commons on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and in the South Commons Wednesday and Thursday.

Frosted lemonade:

Members: Cameron Wilken, Blake Mattson, Jack Zurn, Connor Lanahan, Ben Devine

Price: $2

You can find them in the new commons Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. And in the South Commons Monday, Wednesday.