New year, new me

As the new year begins, many people have made resolutions they hope to explore for the rest of the year. As I walked around EPHS, I asked students from around the school if the partook in making resolutions and what they were. Surprisingly, many people said that they did not make them because they knew they would not keep them. Driving around the community center and gyms made me see the mass of people right after the holidays. However, as many people know, the rush will subside after a few months. Here is a accumulation of the most popular EPHS student’s new year’s resolution:

  •      Take every moment as it comes
  •      Stop Snapchat streaks
  •      Try new restaurants
  •      Workout more
  •      Take as many trips as you can
  •      Make more lists
  •      Write down three good things that happen to you everyday
  •      Stop procrastinating
  •      Journal more
  •      Be more forgiving
  •      Stop setting myself up for disappointment
  •      Do better in school
  •      Branch out more
  •      Stay positive
  •      Stop swearing
  •      Read more
  •      Get shredded