The Winnebago


What started off as an idea to make away games more accessible, soon turned into an idea that would change the way students watched football games. Hugh Truempi came up with the idea of buying a bus to bring any kids who wanted to go to an away football game.

After further investigating the idea, he discovered that a much more practical idea would be to buy an RV. A few days later, Truempi, along with fellow seniors Chris Kimball, Ryan Bratton, and George Fontenot, found themselves looking at what would soon become a major hub of every Eagles football game.

However, the four boys had some work to do on their new four-wheeled friend. They spent two weeks, staying up past their bedtimes, putting in carpeting, painting, and adding the entire decor. It became a fan favorite as soon as it was introduced.

The RV is welcome to all and offers a place to hang at the games that is not centered on the actual football game. At the RV, students have many options. Outside the RV, the boys usually have a Ping-Pong table set up or a football to throw around. Inside the RV, jams are pumping and people are busting moves. For those who lack the interest in grooving, there is always a place to simply have a conversation with some friends.

Truempi says his favorite part of the RV is “the disco ball because it goes along with the theme of the RV: Fun.” No one can argue with that. Smiles surround the thing for the entirety of the game, not to mention before and after the game.

As for the future, Truempi and the boys have plans to take the RV on camping trips, to other sporting events, and possibly to collegiate or even professional games.