A Simplified State of the Union Address

A Simplified State of the Union Address

Last night, President Obama gave his annual State of the Union Address from the House Chamber to millions of Americans. For those who missed the hour-long speech, here’s a quick summary of key points brought up by our president:

-America’s economy is improving.

-Minimum wage should be increased.

-Childcare should be made more affordable for middle class families.

-Community College should be made completely free for those who have a certain GPA and fit other requirements.

-America should be investing more in science, medicine, and technology.

-America should close Guantanamo Bay.

-America should embrace immigration reform.

-America should reform it’s criminal justice system in light of events in Ferguson and New York.

-America should continue negotiations with Iran regarding their nuclear energy project.

-America should take direct action and increase our military efforts against ISIS.

Apparently, a lot can be said in an hour.