ACT Revamps Writing Test


Tala Alfoqaha, A&E Assistant Editor

ACT has released an enhanced version of their writing test that has already reached September’s batch of test-takers. Take a deep breath: the new test isn’t supposed to be any harder than the last. Changes include a broadened scope of prompt topics from strictly school-related issues to contemporary controversies found both in and out of the classroom.

Rather than allowing students to come up with their own arguments and counterarguments, the updated test now gives students three different stances that must be incorporated into their essay. Students are given 40 minutes to plan and compose an essay, as opposed to the previous 30 minute limit.

Scoring has shifted as well, abandoning the original 1-12 scale for a more familiar 1-36 scale. Writing sub-scores will now be given along with a composite English Language Arts score that encompasses english, reading and writing scores. If you plan on taking the ACT plus writing anytime soon, visit the official ACT website for updated sample essays and helpful tips.