Being Admitted to a Future

Preparing for the future can be a scary and overwhelming task. As a high school student, you begin to give serious thought to your plans for the future. The next 4 years are all about preparing for college and one of the biggest tasks is applying to colleges. This is a time consuming and stressful process for most people. At Eden Prairie High School, students are given the opportunity to make this process a little easier and less overwhelming by participating in an event known as Onsite Admissions Day.

This event allows students to apply to a maximum of two colleges and be accepted to that university on the spot that very same day. The benefits of participating in Onsite is that it reduces the anxiety that may come from the college search and the application process. Students also have the chance to be accepted to the college of their choice simply by submitting their ACT scores and GPA. One major advantage of this program is that even if you are accepted to a certain university you are not obligated to attend that college and may keep applying to other colleges that did not participate in this event.

By participating, students can feel a sense of security about the college application process. If you are not a senior this year, it is a good idea to think about participating in Onsite and be aware that this is a option that is available to you as student at EPHS. For more information, visit the Career Resource Center to see the list of participating colleges and the application process.