Jammin’ Out for a Good Cause

The Amnesty Club is hosting the annual Jamnesty concert where students can jam out for a good cause. Jamnesty will be held this Saturday the 28th at 7 pm in the New Commons. The cost is five dollars for students and seven for adults. All of the proceeds go to the White Helmet Fund. The Syria’s White Helmets is made up of ordinary citizens who race into areas where bombs have gone off to save people from the rubble.

Among the acts performing is the Alright Kids and Marty Stock’s band. Junior Lesly Cuadra is emceeing and performing “Ship to Wreck” by Florence and the Machine with sophomore Ike Nebeker and Senior Brita Carlson. Cuadra said, “Jamnesty is always fun to see your friends and other talented people preform, it is for a good cause and also you are guaranteed to hear some pretty rockin puns.”