Love dogs? Join Paws for a Cause

Maneeya Leung

If you think puppies and volunteering sound like a winning combination, Paws for a Cause could be the club for you. As student clubs start to ramp up again, Paws for a Cause has plans to continue.

”Paws for a Cause has been a really good opportunity for students to get involved in community service with animals and specifically, dogs,” says senior Rachel Wagner. 

After going to many of the club’s past events, Rachel Wagner begins her first year as president of the club. She’s well suited for the role: she loves dogs, and she has a lot of ideas she’s excited to bring to life.

Wagner and the other leaders are pulling together new events that meet any needed changes that come with COVID-19 guidelines. “For this year, obviously it’s going to be a lot different, but we still wanted to make a club where people can meet other people with the same passion for animals. We also want to connect with the Eden Prairie community and help them the best we can.”

A supply drive is first on the list of their new plans. The typical get-together activities simply won’t be able to take place in person right now, so they figured a supply drive would be a good alternative. To participate, students will donate purchased or unused items like leashes, pet food, and toys for shelters. It’s an easy way for the club to help out animal shelters and for members to chip in individually.

Wagner’s also finding new ways to keep events from the last two years going. 

One of those events was the blanket-making activity, where students came together to make blankets for puppies in animal shelters. It was a fun and relaxing way for students to earn volunteer hours, and it could be adjusted this year so that students can work by themselves. Wagner’s thinking of having people pick up the blanket materials from the school, make them on their own, and drop them off afterwards. “We’re trying to adapt everything that we can,” she explains. 

Some of the activities that have worked in the past simply won’t be able to return right now. A visit from therapy dogs pleased the many dog-enthusiasts last year, but that probably won’t be able to happen safely yet, Wagner thinks. As the year goes on and conditions hopefully change, Wagner believes they’ll be able to bring that back and plan even more events. 

A few other ideas for the club are being considered. One is a dog park social: students could bring their dogs to meet up at a park and walk around together, following social-distancing rules. Wagner is also considering monthly virtual check-in meetings and various fundraising events.

No matter what happens, Wagner thinks Paws for a Cause will be a great chance for anyone looking for a noncommittal way to get involved and connected with other people this school year. “It’s going to be a lot of fun. Even with everything going on, we’re definitely still going to make it a good experience for students.” 

If you’re interested in being part of Paws for a Cause, check out their Instagram for more information: