Methodize ACT

Methodize ACT/SAT test prep website

Methodize ACT/SAT test prep website

Mariam Jabri, Staff Writer and Section Editor

Being a junior can be stressful with AP classes, extracurriculars, part-time jobs and especially the upcoming ACT/SAT. It is a lot of time and money some students do not have, but the free Methodize ACT/SAT online test prep program offered to EPHS juniors can help. 

This new Methodize online test prep program is a great way for students to prepare for the ACT/SAT using newly updated and revised ACT and SAT courses. These courses consist of content to prepare students for the upcoming tests and offer effective strategies to help raise their scores.  

The program structure includes course units, lessons, and quizzes. Each course unit contains lessons and a possible test. These lessons are a breakdown of the tests and important concepts you need to learn. Lessons also include quizzes that consist of questions you will see on the tests. Each question in the course provides an explanation of the answer to help you better understand the material. 

Junior Nora Jacobs has just started using the site and shared her feelings about the upcoming ACT/SAT tests. “I think [ACT/SAT tests] are really messed up because it just shows who can afford a tutor, and some people might not be good at taking tests,” said Jacobs. 

Despite her opinion on tests, Jacobs thinks that if she continues to use the site that she’ll be more prepared for the upcoming tests. 

This new online test prep program is not only a great way to prepare for the ACT/SAT but also completely free and easy to access! Go to your 11th grade schoology page where you will find a folder labeled “Methodize and ACT Materials.” Click the “ACT (Method) Practice Login Directions” link and there you will be able to sign in to your student account and begin your ACT/SAT test prep.