Nancy Schmitt Interview

Activities Coordinator Nancy Schmitt talks about extra curricular activities and the opportunities EPHS offers

Q: Is the large amount of new clubs offered this year a typical number?

A: Yes, and, you know,I end up having to say no new clubs because we offer more than anybody in the state, maybe anybody in the country as far as opportunities for students. I end up having to say, “I hope that you can find something already existing”. We have 35 varsity sports and about 60 clubs and activities, and then we have 5 drama productions, huge vocal administrations, instrumental music programs, independent provider programs. There’s a lot to go with everything that happens when you get a club established.

Q: Like you said, we probably offer more activities than any other high school in the state, maybe in the country. How do you think that activities became such an integral part of the EPHS student culture?

A: Hopefully because we do things really well, and we do offer lots of opportunities. When students see that we’ve added something new, they say, “Hey, maybe we can have this too.” One club that came in over the summer was Ukulele Club. I thought, “really, how many people will be interested in this?” At the Activities Rush, about 50 people signed up. There are some things like that which are really surprising to me. I think it’s wonderful.

Q: Do you think that the reason that we have so many clubs at the school is the incentive that we give students?

A: I think so. If a student can go on a college application and say that they started the Young Democrats club at EPHS for example and it’s an active club, that’s going to look good. I think that students have seen that piece of it.