Newspaper and Yearbook Applications


Winifred Halm De-Souza

Do you  love taking pictures? Do you love writing stories? If so, joining the Eyrie or the yearbook is for you!

Yearbook is a year long class, and it meets first hour. However, seniors are only required to take the class the first three quarters. The class gives staffers the opportunity to work with other people with the same interests, learn leadership skills and develop creativity along the way. Applications are due by February 6.

The Eyrie is also a year long class, and meets in third hour. The Eyrie staff works together to make the school magazine and also runs its own website. The Eyrie is a student publication that gives students of all backgrounds the chance to express their ideas. Applications for the Eyrie are also due by February 6.

Both publication classes give staffers fine arts credits required for graduation.

Click here to apply to the Eyrie.

Click here to apply to the yearbook.