Rising Vandalism at EPHS



Photo via Creative Commons

Emma Swanson

A few weeks ago, Principal Conn McCartan came on the speaker to talk about the rise in vandalism, especially after school. McCartan went on to restate the after school policy for anyone who stays late.

McCartan said that his announcement was not referring to a specific incident that had occurred but the general increase in vandalism this year compared to years past. “What had happened was the custodians had sent me some pictures […] it was pretty clear that after school, with some level of intention, people were leaving messes in bathrooms in stairwells and things like that,” McCartan said. Custodians had found the messes after they had cleaned up from lunch, so they believe it is a problem occuring after school.

Due to the increase in vandalism, McCartan said there will be stricter enforcement of the after school policy. “If you’re going to be after school its with intention and generally that means you’re involved in activities or it’s academic.”

Students staying after school who are done with their activities will be asked to sit in the New Commons. And if students are staying after school, they should not leave the school and come back for the bus, “We have had students who are leaving school and going over to the community center hanging around and then coming back and catching the late bus, and that’s not the purpose of that service,” said McCartan.