SIX the Musical Preview


Katherine Kregness, Website Editor

“Waitress” the musical brought us the first all female creative team on a musical, but all female casts remain very rare. For this reason, Lucy Moss and Toby Marlow created the show “SIX,” which is currently playing at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts in St. Paul on its way to Broadway. They envisioned roles where actresses could show off their dramatic and comedic acting skills along with their voices. 

“SIX” is a show based on the lives of the six wives of Henry the Eighth. The historical figures are reimagined into pop stars who compete to earn the right to be the leader of the girl group. Each queen sings a song describing how traumatizing her marriage was. The show breaks the fourth wall consistently and brings the audience into the show. “SIX” is performed as a concert, not a play as most Broadway shows are. Each queen is modeled after pop artists like Adele and Beyonce, which the audience can see and hear in the style of their songs, voices, and movement. 

While the show is focused on a time period from centuries ago, that is about all that exists from before the 21st century. The lighting, music, language and costumes all point to a theme of making history contemporary. “The challenge is the balance between ourselves and the characters and the history,” said Brittany Mack, who plays Anna of Cleves. 

The cast was enthused by the positive reception of each audience they performed for. “The audiences have been the best,” said Andrea Macasaet, who plays Anne Boleyn. The crowds “always bring the fire,” she said.

In an effort to make this show more marketable to a modern Minnesotan audience, the cast of “SIX” performed at the Mall of America in late October. Student journalists were invited to interview the cast.

When the cast took the stage, cheers erupted from all sides of the multi-floored rotunda. The six women assumed their places on stage and began the opening number of the show with a natural sort of confidence and energy that could only come from months of rehearsal and time on stage. 

Lyrics jump from queen to queen, each with their own vocal profile and set of skills. Eye catching costumes and dramatic choreography tied the performance together. As the cast froze in their final poses, smiles could be seen making their way onto each of the six faces.

“SIX” the musical creates a powerful movement of female voices, both literally and metaphorically. Cast members believe that this show is about “[bringing] justice to these women,” said Adrianna Hicks, who plays Catherine of Aragon. “I imagine them looking down at us from a better place.” 

“SIX” takes the stage at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on Broadway in March. “SIX” will be performing at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts in St. Paul through Dec. 22. “We’re excited to go to Broadway, but for right now, we’re right here,” said Mack.

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