South Commons Collab


Grace Peterson, Staff Writer

The media center and lakeside was getting too loud and distracting so the school decided it was time to open a place where students can collaborate and talk amongst each other without having to worry about being quiet.  They put together a team of students that started working in the summer and into the fall on the name, the layout of the space, and the kinds of seating people want. Senior Mataly Claon was a part of this team and he said, “We spent an hour combing through various designs, different color schemes, quotes, and different designs inspired by libraries and cafes.”

Throughout the process, new freshmen and returning students were always in the back of their minds.  The location gives a feeling of automatic familiarity because of how close it is to the South Commons.  Principal Robb Virgin said, “They wanted the name to indicate to people how it should be used, where it is, and also be consistent with other naming conventions throughout the school.”  This is how South Commons Collab came to be.   They also had the brilliant idea of adding, “a place for you to connect, work together, and belong” next to it, as if it was out of a dictionary.  

The room consists of many comfy sitting chairs, high tables for standing, and even ottomans to sit back and relax.  There is now a computer charging station for anyone who doesn’t have a charger and need their computer for work. It was finished October 1st and there was a grand opening during zero hour on October 8th.  It’s open during school hours and anyone is able to attend during an open or lunch.   

    This space will be very beneficial to teachers since students will be more focused in class after being able talk amongst each other and get assignments done. Spanish teacher Jenna Gasner said, “I think it is really cool to have a space anyone can use and students are most likely to get their work done when they’re comfortable instead of sitting in rows staring off into nowhere.” 

“After performing DDT, I learned that I really love seeing a project come together: watching it evolve from a rough idea to the complete product was the absolute best,” said Claon.   Students joining together and being able to communicate and collaborate in a positive environment really shows what South Commons Collab is all about.