Student walkout

March 9, 2018


Photo by Creative Commons

Student Walkout Preview

There is a nationwide walkout taking place on March 14th at 10:00 AM.

This is a way for students and faculty to show their support of those killed in the Parkland High school shooting. It will last 17 minutes in honor of the 17 students and staff members who were murdered. Students are encouraged to wear orange to show their support of increasing gun control laws.

This walkout was organized by Women’s March Youth EMPOWER. There are more than 185,000 schools participating including EPHS. There is a group at EPHS called “Change is Coming” that has been discussing the logistics of the walkout.

To get more information about this group contact junior Alexa Tessman. The women’s march asked that “all actions be inclusive and non-violent” during the nationwide walkouts.

Student Walkout Update

Eden Prairie High School principal Conn McCartan sent an email to students’ parents regarding the upcoming student walkout. McCartan emphasized that EPHS doesn’t endorse the walkout but is aware of its inevitability. McCartan listed the following as his expectations:

  • Students who choose to participate in the walk out must leave the building in an orderly and safe manner (think end of the school day) through the East Doors.
  • Students who choose to participate in the walk out must return to school and their classes in an orderly and safe way (think start of the school day) through the East Doors.
  • The event will be from 10:00-10:17 am.
  • For student safety, we will secure the area in front of the east entrance by closing the gate on the road behind school, closing Eagle Way at County Road 4, closing the Community Center entrance on to Eagle Way and closing the entrance into school from Valley View for the duration of the event. We will have high school staff and a police presence monitoring the area for student safety.
  • The general public and media will not be allowed in this area. This will help students fulfill their commitment to leave and enter the building without disruption. 
  • Students who do not follow these expectations will be subject to disciplinary actions.

Staff members have also been informed that they are prohibited from participating in the walkout.

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