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A relationship at length

February 9, 2017


Senior Belle Qualey and her boyfriend senior Brady Anderson  have been dating since May of sophomore year. The two met through hockey and bonded over their passion for the sport. Just this past August, Brady joined a junior hockey league in Wyoming and will be returning this April after the season ends.

For now the couple is doing their best to make an easy transition into this new distance brought into their relationship. “At the beginning it was kind of difficult for him to adjust to Wyoming,” said Qualey. The 14-hour drive makes weekend visits impossible, so the two wait patiently for their time together every few months until Brady comes back for good.

“At the beginning it was like okay, let’s create lists for winter break of things we’re going to do. We just try to get him excited for little things when he comes back. It is something he can do while he’s there,” said Belle.

Of course with today’s access to technology, communication is fast and simple. “Having technology like Skype and Facetime, I mean even just texting. We don’t have to send letters even though it is nice to get things in the mail sometimes,” joked Qualey. “We run pretty busy lives, so we don’t text all that much, but I tend to like call him for typically like an hour or two before bed when things start to lay low. When I get done with homework and he gets done with hockey, we’ll Facetime each other just for a little bit and talk about our days and any crazy thing that happened.”

As for the future, the two plan to make the distance much shorter. Both Belle and Brady are planning on going to the same college or colleges within a short distance of each other. Belle has committed to the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) while Brady is still deciding between UMD and another school fifteen minutes away with the chance of playing on a higher level hockey team. The two are looking forwards to what the future will bring and they are excited to be able to do it together. “He still gets to do what he loves and I get to do something I love. We believe the best in each other, so we just continue to do our own things but we also trust in each other that we will make things work whatever happens,” said Qualey.

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