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Create boundaries

February 9, 2017

Once a relationship is established, boundaries become the next challenge. Two people often disagree with physical,emotional and mental boundaries, and sticking to them can be even more difficult. “Our boundaries were me setting them and slowly taking them away when I got used to it,” said sophomore Mikayla Capouch. Because physical appearance and sex is pertinent in dating these days, talking about boundaries is crucial to a healthy relationship, said Capouch.

The process of creating boundaries before a relationship is another method of constructing a healthy relationship, too. While some people tend to jump into relationships without knowing the other person, Capouch decided to get to know her girlfriend through text for three months before dating. Because they knew each other so well, Capouch said “nothing much changed” when they began dating. Although dating is different from couple to couple, and social media emphasizes one certain way people should date, planning and talking is a completely valid way to go about modern romance.

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