Don’t Cancel Graduation

Sharon Michael, Staff Writer

The departing class of 2020 has already lost so much: prom, senior traditions, saying goodbye to friends and teachers, and now we may lose the day we’ve all worked so hard to get to–graduation. After a four-year-coming-of-age-journey, the least we deserve is being able to walk down that platform and receive our diploma.

      Graduation is the pinnacle of the K-12 experience, and it’s something that all seniors should be entitled to. The fact that our four years of hard work may be reduced to a short zoom call where all our names are announced or even an email with a diploma in PDF form is extremely disheartening. 

      Eden Prairie High School has had a long-standing tradition of student graduation speakers. This year, the school has even had students try out for the role. Being able to see our fellow classmates speak to us about our four years of high school is something we will only be able to experience at an in-person graduation ceremony. 

      There are many high-schools around the country continuing to hold in-person graduation ceremonies while taking necessary precautions to keep everyone safe. This includes limiting guests, wearing masks and being seated six feet apart. Our school administration should take after these schools and continue to fight for an in-person graduation ceremony. 

      Even if our graduation must be pushed back past the current July 1 planned date, an in-person ceremony is far more rewarding than an online graduation. The thought of celebrating my four years of high school, simply from the constraints of my house with just my parents is the last thing I want to remember when looking back on my senior year.

      With our senior year being robbed from us and the countless cancellations we have already endured, the school administration should favor an in-person graduation rather than a virtual one. It’s the least they can do for us. Seniors have already missed out on what was supposed to be some of the most memorable moments of our high school experience. Don’t let graduation be one of those things too.