Guess the Staff Member Results!

Elizabeth Buse

Here are the results from Issue 4’s Guess the Staff Member game!



  1. Kristen Saxhaug: English
  2. Alyce Price: Math
  3. Anjelique Rowell: Orchestra
  4. Alyssa Jackson: English
  5. Anne Zara: Math
  6. Ellen Meyer: Choir
  7. Mark Griffin: Business
  8. Laurie Hennen: French
  9. Kjersten Welter: Science
  10. Jenny Wagner: Math
  11.  Elizabeth Jackson: Band
  12. Lori Ford: Business
  13. Mary DeMers Wilhelm: Spanish
  14. Laurie Nebeker: English
  15. Linda Wallenberg: English
  16. Molly Palzkill: Special Education
  17. Windlan Hall: Math