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The crush stage

February 9, 2017

Just like dating, having a “crush” is a new concept for recent generations to adapt to. With an online presence, having a crush can be something as simple as thinking a guy on Instagram is hot. However, the process of pre-dating is far more complex than older generations may expect.

Take texting and social media as an example. Sophomore Tatum Gunderson is currently in a “pre-dating” or “crush” phase with someone and uses texting as her main source of communication with him. “When you’re texting someone, you have the opportunity to talk about more things, so I feel like I’m closer to him,” said Gunderson. “Texting has a good effect on relationships because you’re always connected.” Not only does she text her crush more than she sees him, but she thinks it’s a positive tool for every relationship.

However, the crush stage should be approached far differently from actual dating, claims Gunderson. “Once it would turn into a relationship, I feel like it would be better to see each other more than texting, but I’d still want to maintain that online presence.” To many couples, and even mutual crushes, texting and social media is essential to love.

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