The Future is Here. Don’t Get Left Behind

Arun Pargal

There is no doubt about it, technology makes us smarter as a society. The access to an unlimited number of sources for any topic imaginable, ability to share creativity, and communication aspects of technology today give people amazing potential for intelligence. The incredible power of technology, combined with the never ending ways in which it is inserted into everyday life, make information accessible to more people every day.

With new inventions such as the Apple Watch, it is even easier than before to not only access information, but to communicate with people you know. The ability to stay connected wherever you go allows workers and students to be more productive with their time can focus their extra time on thinking of new solutions to problems.

Technology is beneficial and also very distracting, but the benefits outweigh the distractions.

— Whitney Reek

Technology has changed the way students learn. Before the internet, if a student didn’t understand the material the way their teacher or textbook presented it they would be thought of as incapable of learning and unintelligent. As a result of technology, teachers anywhere in the world are able to share their methods of teaching the same material for a student to access. This means that if students are confused by a subject, they are able to access it in a way that they can understand it and meet their full potential. This doesn’t only apply to students, even people who aren’t in school have access to online courses and the internet in general which allows them to educate themselves as well. Technology allows each person the opportunity to learn in a way that they can maximize their potential therefore increasing the overall intelligence of society and our future.

The ability to share ideas gives anyone the opportunity to be heard. The collaborative aspect of the internet allows people to see different viewpoints then they would have thought of on their own. This allows people to become more knowledgeable about the problems facing the world. Say you were interested in learning more about the conflict in Israel, you would be able to find multiple credible sources supporting different sides of the conflict. This is much better than asking just one person such as a parent or friend. Sure, your parent or friend may have accurate information, but are they going to be able to give you an unbiased and complete assessment of the situation? Most likely not.

The ability to connect us to a collection of knowledge and information larger than any library imaginable and be able to use it to communicate and learn is something only technology can offer and that is why it continues to make us smarter every day.