Music and Your Brain


Mikaylie Sosnowski, Staff Writer

Did you know that music can help you be more productive and improve your focus? Studies show that when you listen to music, neurotransmitters such as dopamine are released, which gives your brain a spike in happiness and improves your concentration. Different genres have varying effects on your brain, but don’t worry: the benefits aren’t solely relegated to classical music! Rap stimulates emotion and motivation, jazz soothes your mind and both pop and rock improve endurance and physical performance.


In actuality, according to a study done by a pair of UCF neuroscientists, whatever genre you enjoy most is the genre that will help you focus best. That being said, beware the more upbeat genres; they’ll steal your zen! Pop songs are intentionally made to be infectiously happy and easy to remember, so save the “Today’s Top Hits” playlist for car rides or free time.


Additionally, you can get into a great study mood by listening to soundtracks from your favorite movies, TV shows or video games! These tunes are designed to keep you stimulated and engaged with the story while also blending into the background without becoming the main focus, which makes them the perfect music to listen to while on that study grind. The next time you’ve got a test to prepare for or an essay you procrastinated writing due in class next hour, try listening to some music!