Post Malone Hollywood’s Bleeding


Post Malone’s new album “Hollywood’s Bleeding” came out on September 6th, 2019. Post Malone is a very popular and upcoming artist for teens and young adults and his new album was much awaited for. People were very excited for it to come out and to see if it lived up to the hype around it. We interviewed a couple people from our high school to see what their opinions on it were. The first question we asked was what their favorite song on the album was. We got varying answers from everyone but some of our responses were “I’m Gonna Be and Circles” said Junior Camille Casper and “Take What You Want” said Senior Charles Neale. We then asked what their overall opinion of the album was and answers varied quite a lot on that too. “Some songs are really good and some are pretty bad, so overall it’s alright” said Junior Emma McGee. Senior Josh Martin said the album has “good variation in style”. We were also interested in how people thought this album compared to his others since he has two other pretty popular ones. The overall response was that this album was good, but definitely not his best. Senior Charles Neale said “It is a transition from his others, I think it is his first when where he is super popular.”  The last question we asked was if we thought the album lived up to the “hype” around it since so many people have been talking about it. Juniors Camille Casper and Emma Mcgee as well as Senior Charles Neale said “yes” but Senior Josh Martin said “no.” Overall, the opinion of Post Malone’s new album “Hollywood’s Bleeding” was different from person to person.