2016-18 Fashion Guide & Suggestions for the Future

Photo by Creative Commons

While 2016 was a tumultuous year, it also forged a divide in popular fashion. While many boys moved towards wearing joggers made from cotton or tweed materials in muted, subtle tones, paired with generic shirts from American Eagle and Vineyard Vines and shoes from Nike and Adidas such as the Roshe and NMD, many girls seemed to be wrapping up a phase of fashion that started in early 2015.

The “Tumblr” phase of fashion started earlier in the decade because that was when Twenty One Pilots, The 1975, and Fall Out Boy, all alternative bands, peaked in popularity. With them, they brought ultra-ripped black jeans, oversized t-shirts, dad hats, bleached and ombré hair, and Converse high-tops back into the mainstream. While a handful of boys adopted this aesthetic, it was mainly girls who fielded it through 2016.

But come 2017, individuals who pioneered the Tumblr aesthetic are escaping it in droves, by way of the not new, but improved “skater” aesthetic. The hundreds of thousands of people who want to escape the mainstream through vans, baggy pants, and oversized hoodies in yellow and black, are inadvertently making it mainstream.

Now that it seems everyone, including myself, owns 2 or 3 pairs of vans, the avant-garde has become the typical.

Now that it seems everyone, including myself, owns 2 or 3 pairs of vans, the avant-garde has become the typical.

— Nick Walfrid

Hallways across the nation are divided, as everyone either wears the post-prep look of joggers, NMD’s, and a generic hoodie, or an outfit that belongs in a Thrasher catalogue.

Since every look will come to pass, I believe in all honesty that these two looks will be passé by 2020 at the latest. While it’s almost impossible to predict what will be the next thing, I have two hopeful suggestions…

  1. I would absolutely love it if a trashy glitter look merged with the post-emo blacks and reds of last year… think about red glitter on the nails and lips of someone also wearing red Doc Martens, fishnets, and an oversized black band tee.
  2. It would also be excellent if we got to see nautical themes merge with the current mainstream skater look… think about bleached blue vans, white t-shirts, and ripped, bleached jeans, accentuated with light blue and white accessories. Fishnets in white would also be applicable to this look.

While it’s extremely unlikely that my suggestions would actually amount to anything, I look forward to seeing what people end up wearing in the next few years, and subsequently dragging it.