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Google image of anime show cells at work

Looking for a new anime to watch or something to pass the time? Here are three staff-favorite animes, brought to you by fanatics that have important projects to procrastinate on.

Cells At Work


10/10. “Cells At Work” is a fun, informative series about the day-to-day lives of cells in the body – anime style! The story focuses onAE3803, a ditsy red blood cell with terrible direction, and U-1146, a ruthless white blood cell. The show teaches all ages about the cells and workings of the human body. Whether the watchers are children, teenagers, or adults, this show will not disappoint! Not even snakes dislike it. My nineteen-year-old ball python, Anna Banana, simply could not peel herself away from the television (literally!) while it was on. The graphics, dialogue, and interactions portrayed enhance the quality and make it all the more awesome.

Fruits Basket


I want to permeate his body… get into his cells… into his bones, invade and infuse them…saturate his entire being with my own– even typing this out I cannot keep a straight face. Akito needs to dial it back because EVERYONE is concerned. I’ll stop my spoiling here, but if you want context GO WATCH FRUITS BASKET.

Fruits Basket is a popular anime about Tohru Honda and the Sohma clan, a family plagued with the zodiac curse. Also known as the Sohma curse, the zodiac curse is a bond between the zodiac “god,” who heads the Sohma family, and the remaining members. Each Sohma is connected to a zodiac spirit animal, and their zodiac animal only activates when touched by the opposite sex. So what does Tohru have to do with the cursed Sohma family? After Tohru ends up orphaned, homeless, and living on their land, she is sucked into the Sohma’s complicated affairs. Specifically, Kyo and Yuki Sohma—two teenage boys who turn Tohru’s world upside down.

Are you hooked yet? Whatever your answer may be, if you’re into romance and have time for 3 seasons of “will they, won’t they,” then this anime is for you.



The Venn diagram of sports and anime fans consists of two entirely separate circles. But even if sports aren’t your thing, consider the volleyball-centric “Haikyuu.” It shows the journey of Karasuno High School’s boys’ volleyball team as they carve a path to nationals. While the main duo–consisting of ambitious spiker Hinata Shouyou and talented setter Kageyama Tobio–is the series’ focus, where it really soars is in its full eclectic cast of characters. Basically, everyone is shown to be likable, or sympathetic at the very least. It’s practically a guarantee that you’ll have found someone to root for by the end of Season 4. (Which isn’t even the end of the story–there’s enough written material for at least 2 more seasons.) Generally, it’s a wholesome show that’s interspersed with chaotic action. You may find yourself questioning your emotions after someone makes a good play or has some development. And, for the athletes and non-athletes alike, there are many relatable life lessons, from “literally anything in life can be beneficial” to “trust your teammates” to “take care of yourself.” So, though you may be thinking “it’s a volleyball anime, how good can it be?” don’t write off “Haikyuu.” It’s just as good as everyone says.