2017: What are you hopeful for?

By Kate Stager

Now that 2017 has started, I asked some students what they are most hopeful for for the rest of the year.


Senior Jack Madison

“I am most hopeful for the chance for a new beginning in 2017. After graduation, all of us will have a chance at a new life in college or wherever we plan to go and I cannot wait to begin that life. It’s so exciting to have a clean slate, again, and continue into the next adventure.”

Senior Adam Ryski

“I am very excited to attend college at University of Minnesota Duluth for the fall semester of 2017. I am going there to play college football, which I am looking forward to the most. I am lucky and very happy to have a fresh start in a new place with new people.”



Junior Maddie Steidle

“I am most hopeful to get closer with my friends and make new, fun memories in 2017. I also want to meet a lot of new people because I love getting to know others and making new friends. Finally, that I can have a super fun year doing stuff I love because before I know I will be a senior and having a year full of lasts.”


Junior Solo Falaniko

“I hope to become an honor roll student, and get better grades like A’s and B’s. I hope to make this year better than last. I want to make this year memorable. I want to end my junior year strong and go into my senior year even stronger. I can’t wait to see where my senior year of football is going to take me and where I will go to play college football.”