Black Panther Review


Winifred Halm De-Souza

From Iron Man and Hulk, Heroes United to Avengers Confidential, Black Widow and Punisher,  Marvel Studios has been very successful at creating very action packed movies and great superheroes. What it has not done is create movies that are very relatable to others and their cultural backgrounds. However, their new movie Black Panther changes all of that.

The movie Black Panther embraces diversity through gender and race. It is a movie that was long awaited by mostly several people of African descent because it has a great message behind it. Black Panther is funny, very entertaining and action packed.

Black Panther was set in Africa in a fictional country known as Wakanda. If you’ve heard of the saying “Wakanda Forever,” you should probably know by now that it was from Black Panther. It all started after King T’challa, the Black Panther lost his father. He took his rightful place as the next king because that was a tradition of Wakanda. Later on, an enemy shows and a conflict rises between King T’challa and Killmonger, who is the enemy and the several tribes in Wakanda.

I related to this movie a lot because I am of African descent myself. A lesson learned from the movie is not to be selfish, but rather share my achievements and resources with other people. I also learned that it is good to be different.

I would rate this movie 5 stars because I could relate to it a lot. It is a celebration of diversity and culture and it is my favorite movie. I would advise anyone who has not seen it yet to see it because it is an amazing movie.