Coloring Book Craze

Sophie Brandser, Cover Story Designer

Coloring has been popular with kids for years, but lately there has been a rise in adult coloring books. This craze has adults all around the world coloring with colored pencils and markers. These are not just ordinary coloring books though; these coloring books have thick pages and a high quality cover.

The main reason why people are so involved in this activity is because it is relaxing. “It helps me when I’m stressed out,” said senior Omie Spielman. Coloring can help people take their focus off of what is stressing them out. This allows them to feel calm and not worry their problems.

This recent craze has been especially popular for women, but anyone can color. These coloring books have designs for everyone. Ranging from mandalas to nature scenes. Books are being sold with the names of Secret Garden, Tropical World, Enchanted Forest and many more. These books have an artistic design that will catch the eye of a customer.

Higher quality coloring books can be bought at Barnes & Noble, Michaels or even online on websites like amazon. “I started off with childish coloring books, and then I got cooler ones from Barnes & Noble,” Spielman said.

Spielman started coloring with a 64-pack of crayons, and a coloring book that was for beginners. As she kept coloring, she realized that she liked doing this activity, so she decided to buy a nicer book that would fit her needs.

It might not seem like it, but coloring takes a long time. A lot of the higher quality coloring books have very small areas to color. Spielman said the average time it takes for her to color a page “depends on the size of the picture. It can take hours, or even days.”

Coloring is a great way for people to destress. There is a variety of coloring book themes and types of coloring pages to fit anyone’s needs.