Movie Review: Into the Woods


Into the Woods was an entertaining movie intertwined with famous fairytales we have grown to know and love. The film displayed stunning scenery as well as costume designs. It had beautiful music that was catchy and got stuck playing inside your head for a while after the film was over. It had its funny moments, but also had a layer of darkness added to it. Just when you think the characters will live happily ever after, you get thrown into a whole new plot twist. The director made some wise decisions for the cast. Some honorable mentions are Meryl Streep, who gave a brilliant performance as the witch and Anna Kendrick, who nailed her singing parts as Cinderella.

Into the Woods revolves around a baker and his wife, whose only wish is to have a child. This is impossible since there is a family curse placed upon the baker. The couple makes a deal with a witch in order to lift the family curse. They must venture into the woods and obtain four items before the night of the blue moon. Through their journey through the woods, the couple encounters Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack, and Little Red Riding Hood.

Even though the film had positive aspects to it, it also some negative aspects. For one thing, it was longer than it needed to be. The movie dragged on and this ruined how enjoyable the movie was to watch. Also the pacing of the movie was inconsistent and the plot at times became confusing. Into the Woods had mostly entertaining moments and is a great movie to watch with the family. This film would be enjoyable and is a must see for musical fanatics.