Rogue One Review


By Adam Chao

Star Wars: Rogue One, the eighth installment to the Star Wars cinema universe, follows the heroes who steal the death star plans just before the legendary debut film, A New Hope. Along with every other Star Wars film, Rogue One was an action-packed, SFX heavy and nostalgic movie.

I was personally very entertained by this film and would highly recommend it. I appreciate the nods to the prior films and the backstory that this movie allows, which gives us insight to how we arrived at Episode IV. Besides the backstory, this movie was visually appealing in every way. Director Gareth Edwards really did justice to Star Wars by incorporating amazing costumes, sets and effects. The casting was also very well done. Edward’s fighting scenes were action-packed and Star-Wars-esque allowing viewers to be intrigued every moment.

Although this film was worthwhile, it certainly has its flaws. The movie had too many characters which made me anxious and often confused. It was simply straining that they introduced so many new ones even though they were all doomed to die. It seemed as if there was too much going on during the film; the plot was very scattered by jumping through locations and time periods. Overall, despite its flaws, I would recommend this film to any science fiction enthusiast – even if they’re not a Star Wars fan.