The Duff Movie Review


I’ll admit: While I was trying to keep my expectations low for this movie, I couldn’t. The cast looked extremely promising and I found myself more excited for a solid teen comedy than I had originally thought. Probably because my mind wanted a much-needed break from the humorless dystopian films clogging up the box office.

Not only were my expectations met, they were exceeded. Like really exceeded.

“The Duff” started out strong, labeling all the characters humorously, and kept it up for the rest of the movie. It follows the narrative of Bianca Piper, high school senior, played by Mae Whitman from “Parenthood,” who was the perfect Bianca. Seriously, I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the part, especially as well as she did. Bianca Piper has two beautiful friends. Everything seems fine until one honest jock, who also happens to be her neighbor, informs her that she is the DUFF of her friend group, otherwise known as “Designated Ugly Fat Friend.”

She doesn’t believe it at first until she realizes that its true, and that every group has one. After alienating her friends, she enlists the help of aforementioned jock (played by the easy-on-the-eyes Robbie Amell) to help her ditch her Duff ways in exchange for chemistry help.

Needless to say, I haven’t laughed that much for a movie in a very long time. One of the best parts about “The Duff” is that it’s set in the totally-relatable modern age of technology and social media. Like “the-worst-thing-you-could-do-to-someone-is-unfollow-them” kind of modern. And it was great, with on-screen hashtags and everything.

This movie is more than worth it. The verdict: Watch it.