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Yasmin Chavez

A new school year comes with new changes. Along with new changes, CORE time has been added to this school’s year schedule. CORE, which stands for “Centered On Reaching Each,” occurs on Thursdays after first hour. CORE time has been added so that students can get help from their teachers and remake things they have missed. Otherwise, CORE time is to be used for academic purposes.

Well, I can’t say that everyone used this time for academic purposes. At first it was a bit disorganized and chaotic as students tried to find somewhere to sit. It was especially crowded in the New Commons, where it was difficult to even find an empty table. I am sure it will become less chaotic as we get adjusted to the new schedule.

When asked whether CORE time will be helpful for students, 11th grader Zenab Kashif said, “ I think it will be beneficial for the students who need it. Otherwise, it is just like another zero hour except with more rules and regulations.”

Although it is a bit early to form a firm opinion on CORE time, I think that it holds potential to be useful for students. With clubs and teachers meeting during zero hour, CORE time allows students a perfect opportunity to get help from teachers. It also gives students an opportunity to do their homework. CORE time allows a nice break from the school day. You can even use this time to catch up on some well-needed sleep. If anything, it beats being in class staring at the clock wishing you were anywhere but school.