Don’t lock up your locker



Most people only use lockers when science classes ban backpacks. Even coats are now carried around as fashion accessories, so lockers have no use. They’re just hollow spaces shoved against the walls of EPHS, but they don’t have to be.

Lockers are provided for every student to use as storage, whether it be books, coats or food. All EPHS students have a locker to themselves, so here are some ideas for how to utilize such a powerful tool.

First of all, the coat-wearing fashion sense is cute and all, but I see coats forgotten everywhere, and these are expensive coats, people! I know I don’t want to lose $100, so lockers are great for storing coats in a safe place during school.

Another good idea is to stop carrying around so many books. Textbooks are too heavy to haul around.

Finally, food. I bring snacks to school all the time, so I put them in my locker. I try not to leave them in my locker for too long, though, but keeping snacks for breakfast or a snack after lunch helps tide me over until dinner.

There are more ways to use lockers, so there’s no reason to waste them on science.